Below are some frequently asked questions that we feel will assist you in selecting Apollo Entertainment for your next event.  If you have additional questions or would like to select Apollo Entertainment for your event, please contact us via e-mail or phone.

How much do you charge for a reception?
Prices vary depending on the length of the reception, the location, and the amount of service required.

Do we pay for set up or take down time?
No.  You only pay for the time frame of your event.

Do we pay for meals for the disc jockeys?
No. Your disc jockeys will not eat while working your event.

Why do you send two disc jockeys for an event?
One disc jockey will handle the Master of Ceremonies responsibilities, including coordinating with the caterer and photographer, while the other disc jockey stays at the table to play music, answer questions, and take requests.

Do you put out any signs or neon lights?
No.  We only have business cards available upon request.

How many years of experience do your disc jockeys have?
Our disc jockeys experience varies from 3 to15 years.

Do I get to meet my disc jockey?
Yes!  You meet your disc jockey prior to your event, usually 4-6 weeks, to finalize your plans.  You can also call at anytime if you have questions or changes.

How do you get most of your business?
Referrals from photographers, caterers and satisfied customers (we do not advertise in bridal magazines).

When can I meet with you?
We make appointments during evening hours and on weekends.

If we have cocktail hour in one area and dinner/dancing in another, can you provide music in both areas?
Yes.  We will set up the main equipment in the dinner area and a speaker to where the cocktail hour is being held.

What can you do if you do not have a song we would like to hear?
You can bring the CD to the event with a note on which track to play.

How do you keep everything organized for each event?
With our Wedding Day Checklist and Party Checklist.

Do you have people come to see you at an event?
Only at public events, such as bars, tailgates, bull roasts, etc..  We do not allow anyone to come to a private event or wedding reception.

Do you sub-contract any work to another disc jockey?
No.  If we are not available for you event we will refer you to another reputable disc jockey.

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